UEFA Euro 2020 Fixtures: Full Schedule, Groups, Teams, Match Dates, Venue & Timing

By | February 23, 2020

UEFA Euro 2020 Fixtures: The sixteenth edition of UEFA European Championship is booked to play across 12 European nations from 12 June to 12 July 2020. It will be first time in the 60-years European Championship history when UEFA Euro will be played across all over Europe as 12 countries will host 51 matches of the competition.

Rome’s Stadio Olimpico will host first match of Euro 2020 on June 12 from 9:00 PM onwards.  The final is planned to be facilitated at Wembley Stadium in London on 12th July. Portugal will be defending champions in UEFA Euro 2020.

Knockout stage matches will occur from June 27 as Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and final will be played. 24 national football teams will take part in the event. There will be 6 groups of 4 teams each.

UEFA EURO 2020 Fixture - Full Match Schedule

UEFA Euro 2020 Fixtures:

Euro Full Match Schedule, Teams, Dates, Timings & Venue

* Time: 9:00 PM onwards

12 June 2020 Match 1 Turkey vs Italy Stadio Olimpico, Rome
13 June 2020 Match 2 Wales vs Switzerland Olympic Stadium, Baku
13 June 2020 Match 3 Denmark vs Finland Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
13 June 2020 Match 4 Belgium vs Russia Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
14 June 2020 Match 5 Netherlands vs Ukraine Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
14 June 2020 Match 6 Austria vs TBC Arena Naționala, Bucharest
14 June 2020 Match 7 England vs Croatia Wembley Stadium, London
15 June 2020 Match 8 TBC vs Czech Republic Hampden Park, Glasgow
15 June 2020 Match 9 Spain vs Sweden San Mames, Bilbao
15 June 2020 Match 10 Poland vs TBC Aviva Stadium, Dublin
16 June 2020 Match 11 TBC vs Portugal Puskas Arena, Budapest
16 June 2020 Match 12 France vs Germany Allianz Arena, Munich
17 June 2020 Match 13 Turkey vs Wales Olympic Stadium, Baku
17 June 2020 Match 14 Italy vs Switzerland Stadio Olimpico, Rome
17 June 2020 Match 15 Finland vs Russia Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
18 June 2020 Match 16 Denmark vs Belgium Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
18 June 2020 Match 17 Netherlands vs Austria Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
18 June 2020 Match 18 Ukraine vs TBC Arena Naționala, Bucharest
19 June 2020 Match 19 Croatia vs Czech Republic Hampden Park, Glasgow
19 June 2020 Match 20 England vs TBC Wembley Stadium, London
19 June 2020 Match 21 Sweden vs TBC Aviva Stadium, Dublin
20 June 2020 Match 22 Spain vs Poland San Mames, Bilbao
20 June 2020 Match 23 TBC vs France Puskas Arena, Budapest
20 June 2020 Match 24 Portugal vs Germany Allianz Arena, Munich
21 June 2020 Match 25 Switzerland vs Turkey Olympic Stadium, Baku
21 June 2020 Match 26 Italy vs Wales Stadio Olimpico, Rome
22 June 2020 Match 27 Russia vs Denmark Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
22 June 2020 Match 28 Finland vs Belgium Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
22 June 2020 Match 29 TBC vs Netherlands Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
22 June 2020 Match 30 Ukraine vs Austria Arena Naționala, Bucharest
23 June 2020 Match 31 Croatia vs TBC Hampden Park, Glasgow
23 June 2020 Match 32 Czech Republic vs England Wembley Stadium, London
24 June 2020 Match 33 TBC vs Spain San Mames, Bilbao
24 June 2020 Match 34 Sweden vs Poland Aviva Stadium, Dublin
24 June 2020 Match 35 Portugal vs France Puskas Arena, Budapest
24 June 2020 Match 36 Germany vs TBC Allianz Arena, Munich
Round of 16
27 June 2020 Match 37 TBC vs TBC Wembley Stadium, London
27 June 2020 Match 38 TBC vs TBC Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam
28 June 2020 Match 39 TBC vs TBC San Mames, Bilbao
28 June 2020 Match 40 TBC vs TBC Puskas Arena, Budapest
29 June 2020 Match 41 TBC vs TBC Arena Naționala, Bucharest
29June 2020 Match 42 TBC vs TBC Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
30 June 2020 Match 43 TBC vs TBC Hampden Park, Glasgow
30 June 2020 Match 44 TBC vs TBC Aviva Stadium, Dublin
3 July 2020 Match 45 First Quarterfinal Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
3 July 2020 Match 46 Second Quarterfinal Allianz Arena, Munich
4 July 2020 Match 47 Third Quarterfinal Olympic Stadium, Baku
4 July 2020 Match 48 Fourth Quarterfinal Stadio Olimpico, Rome
7 July 2020 Match 49 First Semifinal Wembley Stadium, London
8 July 2020 Match 50 Second Semifinal Wembley Stadium, London
12 July 2020 Match 51 Final Wembley Stadium, London

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24 teams from all across the Europe will be taking part in the Competition. All the teams have qualified through the proper qualifying matches. Each team has played 10 qualifying matches each. Till now 20 teams have only been announced and the rest 4 teams will be announced 1 month before the tournament starts.

Portugal Germany
England Turkey
Belgium Switzerland
Netherlands Wales
Ukraine Finland
Spain Denmark
France Czech- Republic
Italy Austria
Russia Sweden
Croatia Poland


UEFA 2020 Groups

These 20 teams are distributed among 6 groups with 4 teams each

Group A

Position Teams
A1 Turkey
A2 Italy
A3 Wales
A4 Switzerland


Group B

Position Teams
B1 Denmark
B2 Finland
B3 Belgium
B4 Russia


Group C

Position Teams
C1 Netherlands
C2 Ukraine
C3 Austria
C4 Playoff winner A or D


Group D

Position Teams
D1 England
D2 Croatia
D3 Playoff winner C
D4 Czech- Republic


Group E

Position Teams
E1 Spain
E2 Sweden
E3 Poland
E4 Playoff winner B


Group F

Position Teams
F1 Playoff winner A or D
F2 Portugal
F3 France
F4 Germany

Amongst all the groups Group F is considered to be the Group of Death. Group F consists of 3 European giants Portugal, France and Germany. All the teams will fight for glory in the months of June- July.


UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule

Before sharing the full time table for Euro 2020 titles, we should experience brief data about the UEFA Euro 2020 Fixtures. The competition is planned for one month from twelfth June to twelfth July 2020. In these 30 days, the competition will have different stages which incorporate the group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. So how about we check how the UEFA Euro 2020 matches are organized.

Match Day 1 – 12 to 16 June 2020

Match Day 2- 17 to 20 June 2020

Match Day 3- 21 to 24 June 2020

Round of 16 – 27 to 30 June 2020

Quarter Finals – 3-4 July 2020

Semi-Finals – 7-8 July 2020

Finals – 12 July 2020.


Euro Full Match Schedule, Teams, Dates, Timings & Venue


UEFA Euro 2020 Group Stage Fixtures

Matchday Dates Matches
1 12-16 June 2020 1v2, 3v4
2 17-20 June 2020 1v3, 2v4
3 21-24 June 2020 1v4, 2v3

The tournament will start on 12th June, 2020 to 12th July, 2020. The Group stage will be over till 24th of June 2020. After the group stages 8 teams will be eliminated from the tournament and rest 16 teams will play Round of 16 or Pre- quarterfinals. The fixtures of the group stages were decided based on the draw results.

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